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About came to be in 2007 after several of the employees moved from flying slope and thermal airplanes to flying helicopters. During beginner jitters and the multiple crashes that go along with learning 3D, the team would go online looking for replacement and upgrade parts. Unlike the airplanes we were used to repairing, helicopters contain many small parts numbering into the hundreds. Disappointed with the online experience and complete inability to find some replacement parts we set out to make the most complete and simple to use website for RC helicopters.

We started, and continue to build our company on offering the simplest and most complete online buying experience. If you would like to see something made more simple or complete please do not hesitate to Contact Us and let us know. Your total satisfaction is personally guaranteed by our team. We invite you to become and stay a satisfied customer, and we welcome you to the exciting world of RC helicopters - the Complete way.

Our primary warehouse is 10,000sqft located in Santa Rosa, CA, we also ship from Phoenix, AZ and Boston, MA to serve all your helicopter needs as fast as possible! Warehouse