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450 Main Rotor Head Set (SE V2) II

Manufacturer: Align RC
Model: HS1247-84
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Quick Overview

Using the new Main rotor holder with thrust bearings and 4mm Feathering shaft, features smooth rotation and stability under high rotation speed.
New metal head stopper.
High precise bearing structure and high rigid CNC processes aluminum alloy material, and therefore this refitting component is absolutely helpful for the accuracy of flying movement controls and the stability of the flight.

Included in package:
*Metal main rotor housing set x 1
*Metal head stopper x 1
*Screw x 1(M2x6mm)
*Pin x 2(1.5x18.7mm)
*Aluminum collar x 2(4x5.6x1.5mm)
*Damper Rubber x 4(4x6.5x2mm)
*Washer x 2(5.5x8x0.3mm)
*Stainless steel linkage ball x 2(4.75x4.59mm)
*Cross screw x 2(M2x6.5mm)
*Metal main rotor holder x 2
*Thrust Bearing F3-8M x 2(3x8x3.5mm)
*Bearing MR74ZZ x 2(4x7x2.5mm)
*Bearing MR84ZZ x 2(4x8x3mm)
*Feathering shaft x 1(4x41mm)
*Washer x 2(2x6x0.6mm)
*Screw x 2(M2x6mm)
*Screw x 1(M2x12mm)
*M2 nut x 1
*Metal flybar seesaw holder x 1
*Bearing FMR52ZZ x 2(5x5x6x2.3mm)
*Bearing MR52ZZ x 6(2x5x2.5mm)
*Collar screw x 2(M2x6.5mm)
*Metal SF mixing arm x 2
*Collar screw x 2(M2x8mm)
*Washer x 4(2x3.6x0.2mm)
*Washer x 2(2x3.6x0.5mm)
*Stainless steel linkage ball x 4(4.75x4.59mm)
*Collar screw x 4(M2x6.5mm)
*Metal washout base x 1
*Collar x 1(5x6.5x13mm)
*Washer x 4(2x3.6x0.2mm)
*Washer x 2(2x3.6x0.5mm)
*Stainless steel linkage ball x 2(4.75x4.59mm)
*Collar screw x 2(M2x6.5mm)
*Bearing MR52ZZ x 4(2x5x2.5mm)
*Metal CCPM swashplate x 1(26x11.5mm)
*Bearing 6803ZZ x 1(18.5x26x4mm)
*Metal cover x 1
*Metal stand x 1
*Grommet x 2(13.4x3mm)
*Ball bearing x 1(10x5x7mm)
*Stainless steel linkage ball-Long x 1(4.75x11.5mm)
*Stainless steel linkage ball x 6(4.75x4.59mm)
*Cross screw x 6(M2x6.5mm)
*Cross screw x 1(M2x14mm)
*Main shaft x 1(5x116mm)
*Main shaft lock ring x 1
*Set screw x 1(M3x3mm)
*Metal T type control arm x 2
*Control rod x 2(4.3x39mm)
*Metal flybar arm collar x 2(2x5.5x5.5mm)
*Cross screw x 4(M2x5mm)
*Set screw x 2(M3x3mm)
*Flybar weight x 2(7.5x8mm)
*Set screw x 2(M3x3mm)
*Flybar rod x 1(220mm)
*Flybar Paddle x 2
*Linkage rod(A) x 2(1.3x9mm)
*Linkage rod(B) x 2(1.3x12.5mm)
*Linkage rod(D) x 2(1.3x32mm)
*SE servo linkage rod(M) x 1(1.3x19mm)
*SE servo linkage rod(N) x 1(1.3x33mm)
*SE servo linkage rod(O) x 1(1.3x28mm)
*Ball link(Long) x 18

450 Main Rotor Head Set (SE V2) II

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